April Meeting - by Eileen

It was a lovely spring evening when we arrived for the April meeting.  On arrival the hall had been laid out with four areas, each set of tables had the names of the members who would be sitting there.  Some members had been asked beforehand to bring their sewing machine.  A busy evening was in store preparing and making quilts for Project Linus.

During 2015 there was a meeting when different blocks were demonstrated and members made these and duly handed them back to the committee, along with other blocks that had been completed as part of a challenge.  So we had a lot to be getting on with, sewing already completed blocks together and making more.  There was a steady hum of the sewing machines and the sound of chatter as members were busy cutting, machining, hand sewing, pressing and finally laying blocks out attracively to be joined together.  Julia, our chair, announced at the start of the evening that tea break would be 8.20, it must have been one of the shortest tea breaks we have had, members were very keen and happy to get back to the sewing.  It was so nice to hear the comments "we are a sewing group, let's sew".

A few members took blocks home to work on before part two of this project, which will be in July.  At the end of that meeting we will have some more quilts to pass on to Liz, the local representative for Project Linus.

We finished sewing about 9.20 as time had to be left for Show and Tell.  Three of the members have been meeting for weekly sewing sessions since the new year, they have produced 32 quilts of varying colours and sizes for Project Linus and on top of this another 11 quilts were donated by other members.  Liz will be thrilled, but, however many quilts are donated to this Charity, it is sad to learn it is never enough and Liz is always getting asked by other hospitals/organisations for quilts for children. We just have to keep sewing.