Malvern Quilt Show - by Janet H

The Malvern Quilt show is set in the Three Counties Showground in beautiful scenery with the Malvern Hills in the background.

The quilts in the show were many and varied, this year we felt that they were more traditional quilts, the Championship quilt was traditional, beautifully made and very colourful.

One quilt stood out for me. It did not win any awards but it had a real impact. We happened to be standing next to its maker when we were looking at it and she explained that it represented her long ongoing battle with cancer and recent recovery from a stroke. She had been inspired by a painting done by her friend who had been on the same journey.

To quote the maker's words in the catalogue "From the egg at the Ammonite's centre, black background, words that relay feelings, to the butterfly emerging from it's journey, leads us to a different life, new friends, new hobbies.

Truly an inspiring piece of work to be sold for charity and I hope it will one day hang on the wall of the cancer treatment centre in a hospital.