Mary Gamester Workshop - by Margaret

A small group of eight of us gathered at the church hall on 4th June for the Mary Gamester transfer paint workshop.

We had a very full day and a lot of fun.

We spent the morning in two groups either painting printed designs or freestyling on plain paper. The paper is very wet when you have finished so they were laid out on plastic over the floor to dry.

Then it was time for a welcome lunch break.

Mary had brought a large selection of her work plus many photo's to look at before we started ironing our designs on to fabric. You can create so many different effects once you start experimenting and we took many ideas home with us. There should be some lovely exhibits for the exhibition.

It was a shame so few attended as it meant the day ran at a loss and as was pointed out at the AGM, if members don't sign up for workshops they will be discontinued.