June Meeting - by Betty

There were four new members at this meeting and we all welcomed Jenny, Merry, Jo and Brenda


There will be an ingredients table at the July meeting – anything to do with quilting eg fabric, patterns, notions etc but nothing handmade
Remember to put price and name of seller on each item
Sign up for Hawaiian Applique workshop
Hand in Entry forms for Exhibition at July meeting
Gail Penberthy workshop – please sign up for which item you would like to make
Wimbledon International Quilt Show - September 16 – 17th
Pilgrim Quilters Exhibition - October 21 – 23rd at Banstead
Fabric Fayre - Saturday July 23rd at Old Barn, Church Rd. Great Bookham
TWAM – run by Croydon Methodist Church providing equipment to 3rd world countries
If you have any unwanted, workable sewing machines please leave them in the Church Foyer

Julia then went on to introduce our guests of the evening – Julia and Gwen from Patchwork Cabin, Great Bookham.

They explained how they started their “Block of the Month” scheme. They started by using other people’s designs but this proved not easy as measurements and instructions were not always accurate so they proceeded to design their own.

All quilts are made up in advance to iron out any difficulties. Then the matter of sourcing the fabric, often 50 shades of blue or red, going to the warehouse and buying the fabric in bolts rather than fat quarters! Then cutting it all up into appropriate sizes!

Blocks of the month usually take 9 – 12 months to complete and you can start at any time. All materials for the month are sent out to participating quilters including instructions, fabrics, buttons and embellishments. Apparently ¼ inch seams are not always the same (surprise, surprise) and so it’s a good idea to have a plain border joining the blocks.

Many of the blocks are appliquéd and Julia seems to be the Appliqué Queen – she has been known to take it on holiday! There is also a wonderful lady in the shop who is a wizard with hand quilting!

We were shown a wonderful array of quilts from heavy civil war prints to light and airy calendars, Christmas and house quilts all with traditional blocks used in different ways and often show casing the fabrics. I’m sure many of us were tempted.

There was also a section of fabrics, gadgets etc., for sale - who could resist?