July Meeting 2016 - by Deirdre

On possibly the hottest day of the year (at last !) I came across a scene of industry as the Shirley Quilters settled down to the second evening this year devoted to making Linus Quilts. The first evening spent on this project was back in April so everyone was keen to make progress and get as many as possible finished for display at our exhibition in October.

Having battled through heat and traffic I arrived only just on time and everyone was already busy working on various projects around four tables despite the heat. The comforting hum of many sewing machines was in full swing. The doors were open, fans going and there was lots of tea, coffee and water available to keep us all going. Though the chocolate biscuits soon began to sag.

Julia updated us with notices sincluding thos in preparation for the coming exhibition.  And the ingredients table was as enticing as ever.

One table had a production line producing quilts based on an ingenious quilt as you go square that were being expertly sewn together. One in particular was made of a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns which we all agreed we would never choose but worked brilliantly. Other tables continued to assemble many of the blocks the group has created recently. It was fascinating to see them being combined in different colour combinations and patterns.

The end of the meeting came around very quiickly as everyone tried to finish off and we left feeling a job well done.  Thankfully the evening we stepped out into was now much cooler than when we arrived.