Saturday Sewing Day - by Eileen

A small group of Shirley Quilters  met on Saturday for a sewing day.  All arrived with plenty to keep them busy throughout the day.  As a treat, Joan had purchased a lovely apple pie for us to share at lunch time, she was not aware there would only be six of us and the pie was enormous, no doubt she will be eating it up for several days!  Thank you Joan.

Onto the sewing.  Jackie started off by making her grandaughter, who starts school shortly, a shoe bag with her name appliqued on the front.   Once that was completed she got out a jelly roll that had previously been cut to the required lengths and started to sew the pieces together, she led us to believe it had been in this unfinished state for some time - we all know that feeling.

Judy was working on a nine patch quilt, also for a grandaughter.  It was nice and bright but the question was - would the grandaughter still like the colours she had chosen when the quilt was finished?

Anne was taking advantage of having large tables available to be able to lay out the large quilt that she was working on.  It was made from a black and white jelly roll that had been purchased at a Shirley Quilters' meeting from a visiting shop. 

Joan was also taking advantage of large table space.  She had purchased some extra wide backing and telling us how nice it was not having to join it.

Julia - well she did not have a good start to the day as she had no electricity at home.  As ever, she sorted everything out at the hall, went home to sort everything out there and came back in time for lunch.  She then sat hand sewing - something she is very happy doing.

Me - well I put the binding on a quilt that will go to Project Linus.  I then got to thinking how I could use a couple of blocks I had made for demonstrating a technique at the group, into small quilt, again for Project Linus, unfortunately not enough time to complete.

We had an enjoyable Saturday and all went home pleased with what we had achieved.