Rainbow Quilters' Exhibition - by Jackie S

On a very wet day I went to Bexleyheath to see Rainbow Quilters' exhibition.  They, like us, suffered from building work being carried out in their original hall in Crayford but were fortunate that they found another one in Bexleyheath at very short notice, right next to Asda in the middle of the shopping centre, attracting lots of passers by.

The quilts were almost all in traditional styles and multi-coloured, with many varied patterns and ideas.  Generally, a very similar type of exhibition to that which Shirley Quilters puts on.  There was a challenge where all the quilts had to include a designated piece of fabric, but any style and this produced many varied ideas, making an interesting display.

There was also a very varied and large display of Christmas items, i.e. hangings, bunting, tree decorations, table mats etc., displayed in an attractive way.

A sales table of "makes" by the group members was doing a brisk trade and the trader was Daisy & Grace - a fairly new buisness, whose owner, Nicola had connections to the group.  She had a small but interesting display - I was tempted, but resisted.  I did purchase some old magazines from the book table though and of course the statutory cake and coffee, plus raffle tickets (but no luck).

All in all a pleasant few hours spent chatting to quilters I knew and those I had not met before.