Ardingly Quilt Show - by Eleanor

As usual it is a pleasure to visit Ardingly Quilt Show.  This year was either my 4th or 5th visit and because I am going to Paducah, USA in April, decided that this year I was only going to “look with my eyes” not my purse - not a chance. 

Upon arrival (there were 5 of us) we decided to have coffee first and decide when and where to meet up for lunch  but on the way to the café we were all taking in all there was for sale as we walked past.

Ardingly is a good comfortable show as it is not too big and because we normally go on a Sunday was also not overcrowded (no pushing and shoving) to get to the stalls.   Most things are available but not as much as at the NEC or Sandown etc, but for the first show of the year I personally find it a pleasure.

The facilities, café downstairs serving tea, coffee and cake with hot food in the restaurant upstairs and they don't seem to mind a picnic which is what we usually do and just buy tea/coffee, cold drinks. There are toilets and a lift to go upstairs where the exhibition of quilts is situated.  Again it is comfortable to view all the quilts without feeling in the way. However, it is also easy to feel inadequate when looking at the quilts and wonder how the judges come to their decisions!!!!

I hope my little review has been helpful and if you didn't get there this year perhaps you will visit next January.

As I mentioned before I am going to Paducah USA in April, can you imagine 17 days of quilt shopping!!!  I will certainly let you all know what our experience there is like.  I will probably be bankrupt.