Knit and Stitch Show, Olympia - by Julia
Thursday 2nd March 2017

After much deliberation I decided to force myself to go out for the day to escape life. So after a late start I headed to Kensington to join a very long queue of women outside Olympia. Due to bag searching the queue took 20 minutes but finally I made it inside.

Over the last few years the show had grown in size and quilting stalls had increased. I was a little disappointed, after missing last year’s show, to find this was not still the case. The Quilt stalls were missing quite a few of the regulars and I did not find myself inspired to make many purchases. There were indeed many shoppers but not all of them were laden with shopping. Stalls not related to Knit and Stitch seemed to have increased and the Guild did not appear to have too many quilts on display but there was some textile work to look at.

I left after 2 hours having enjoyed a browse, a coffee and some time out but disappointed not to have found some inspiration. On the good side, it means I won’t need to go off on a tangent to make anything and I came home with some money.