Virka, Reykjavik, Iceland - by Eileen

My husband and I had a booked a short break to Iceland, so obviously the requirement is then to look on the internet to find any quilt shops in Reykjavik, where we were staying.  Oh good, Virka, Morkin 3, Reykjavik.  A good look on the map and I know it is not central, but is that a deterrent - no.

According to the website, the shop only opens from 12 - 5, Monday to Friday, will we be able to fit in a trip? - Of course.  We were using the Hop On Hop Off bus and I found the nearest stop at the Hilton Hotel, then it was a straight walk - how far - well far enough, about half an hour.
It was quite cold walking there, we stopped at several junctions to check the map and eventually we are there!

We entered the shop on the upper level, this is dress fabrics, buttons and haberdashery.  Draped effectively over the circular stairwell are quilts and more quilts.  Mainly traditional designs in traditional colours, so down we go.
First thing, find a chair for husband to sit on while I browse.  Secondly, I am told by a member of staff, if I want anything Icelandic it is a no, everything is imported, much as I thought.  Sadly, there are not even any patterns with an Icelandic theme - whatever that may be.  In some countries I have seen fabrics with designs relating to that country, but not so here.  I did see a range of fabrics that I had purchased in Hobart last year, the two places could hardly be further apart, but that is quilting.


Now, having made all that effort to get there, I could not possibly come out without making a few purchases including a couple of patterns - these will eventually be in Show and Tell.  I also purchased a couple of bundles of fat quarters as they just always look so tempting, colour co-ordinated, nicely folded and tied sitting on a shelf just waiting to come back to England.
I had a little collection on the counter "no hurry" I was told, so I looked some more.  The staff were very friendly and spoke excellent English.  The shop is for sale as the owner has had the business for about forty years and would like to retire, if it is not sold it may close about May this year - what a lot of stock!  Iceland is expensive, I spent a few Kronur - it's on the plastic.


"Northern Lights Quilt"
made by Jinny Beyer
I am so pleased we made it to the shop and there were no complaints from "him on the chair", I think he is used to it by now, he even says "aren't people in quilt shops friendly".