Variation Block Evening - by Jo

This was another enjoyable evening where the imagination starts to run riot!!! Three tables full of amazing ideas and beautiful examples of basic blocks taken on a journey.

I started at Jill"s table where she showed us an assortment of beautiful quilt blocks made from a four inch square, four x four patch squares and four half triangle squares.  Jill had cut out some cardboard templates for us to make our own designs, however we discovered that we were only reproducing a "Rocky Road, "Water Wheel" or "Road to the White House" to name but a few.

My second stop was at Julia's table where she was demonstrating "Drunkards Path", a block I have never managed to complete successfully.  Julia gave us a few tips about cutting the templates and marking and matching points on the arc.  Julia then showed us several quilts using the block in completely different ways, including an "Under the Sea Quilt", very clever.

My last stop was at Eileen's table, where she had produced a beautiful quilt made with half square triangles in blue and cream.  This quilt fascinated the mathematical part of my brain trying to work out how to arrange the squares of blue and cream triangles to reproduce the desired blocks and overall stunning quilt.

So much thought, time and effort was put in by Jill, Julia and Eileen.  Thank you all very much.

Feeling inspired by Jo.