Table Topper Workshop with Gail Penberthy - by Shirley

On this lovely sunny day, eleven Shirley Quilters participated in the workshop in the Church Hall to make a Table Topper -  an unusual design intended as a table centre.    

The majority of Gail’s Workshops are challenging and this one was certainly no exception – but then that is why we attend.  After our initial instruction from Gail, it was heads down.   All that could be heard was the purr of sewing machines – someone even remarked that it sounded like a “sweat shop”.     No short stops for coffee or afternoon tea – you grabbed this on the hoof – although we did have a forced break for lunch.    The work produced on this day was incredible and some of the colour combinations were unusual and stunning.   Gail is a very good and patient teacher and we all enjoyed our day.

Note:  Gail had advised the Members in advance that only half of the topper would be finished at the workshop, the other half to be completed at home. These will be on display at the mini exhibition in November.