May AGM - by Jane M

The evening started with the Chair announcing the notices and reminding everyone that the next two months notices will be e-mailed as they are open meetings. 

Excitement rose as the two block raffles were drawn and won by Margaret and Helen, we wait with anticipation to see what they create with them!

The minutes from the AGM 2016 were approved. 

The Chair reported on the groups activities throughout the year, with reference to quilts made, cancellation of the exhibition and the speakers and workshops hosted. She thanked the members of the committee for their support and hard work during her six year tenure. It was reported by the Treasurer that subs have been raised due to increased costs and our contributions to charities reduced due to the cancelled exhibition. The accounts have not yet been verified. 

Elections were held for:- Secretary, who was re-elected unopposed, Eileen. Events co-ordinator elected unopposed, Betty.  

The constitution had to be amended to enable the election of two Co-Chairpersons, this was agreed, Lisa and Claire were elected for a three year term. 

We agreed that members who have more than four absences in a year will be contacted by the committee and asked if they wish to remain as a Shirley Quilter as we have a waiting list. 

The AGM was brought to a close and a much appreciated drink and biscuit were consumed. 

Anticipation rose as we wondered how we were going to play Strip Poker! We were sat at tables of eight, given a dice and instructions and we started gambling with our 2 1/2"strips! Much hilarity ensued, there were winners and losers, but to sum up we were fleeced by Margaret! The enjoyable evening ended with a show and tell of some beautiful work by several members. 

I would like to finish by thanking Julia for her hard work over the last six years. She has shown us skill and knowledge, which has enthused us all.