Marsh Quilters' Exhibition - by Jackie S

Last Saturday, inspired by Janice Gunner's exploits, I made my own trip to the east - Wanstead E11 that is - to visit Marsh Quilters' Exhibition.  

They hold an exhibition every two years in Christ Church Community Hall in a very pleasant and leafy part of Wanstead on the edge of a Green.  The area is very popular with trendy shops, cafes and bars.  The hall has two large rooms, one displaying quilts and one with traders and a kitchen hatch serving  the usual yummy cakes and tea and coffee, which could be consumed in the garden leading from the room - and as it was a sunny day this was ideal.  Of course, I had to support the traders - Euro Japan Links and Sally Chang (from Crystal Palace) each had my custom! 

The quilts were all very interesting and diverse, similar to those that Shirley Quilters might produce - a few large quilts but mainly single bed sized or smaller.  They also had a challenge, which was entitled "A Journey", but there were only 8 participants, and you had to vote for your favourite.  Several of the members are very involved in Linus and there was a stall displaying quilts for Linus and giving information.  There was also a stall of "makes" for sale made by members of the group and a table with Christmas items.  

There wasn't a vote for your favourite quilt but I did like two made by the same person, Lizzy Dawson, which were in the Modern style - one a difficult to work out the block design by Carolyn Forster in yellows, greys and white, which was very effective, and the other a large, multi-coloured, stylised flowers design on a white background. 

A longish and hot trip via train and 2 tubes but a nice day out.