December Meeting - by Margaret

Julia opened our meeting with the sad news that Jean Reed has recently died. She extended condolences to the family.

The new programmes for 2015 were handed round and briefly discussed. The refreshment rota will be sent by email.

A pen and paper will be needed for the January meeting. Booking will be open for the March workshop. The cost will be £20 per person.

The Townswomen’s Guild have sent a thank you card and a tin of sweets as we allowed then to use our First World War display. It was greatly admired, so well done everyone.

The next item was a forum to discuss the fourteen points which had been asked by members regarding the group. There was a lively discussion
and no doubt the committee will report in due course. After this refreshments were needed. We had Christmas nibbles and time to chat.

Next it was on to show and tell with all the lovely things which had been made. There were a lot for Project Linus, which took us on to presenting Liz with a cheque for £300 raised at our exhibition. She was somewhat overwhelmed and said that it would go towards fleece and wadding. She told us that she had donated 544 quilts this year to several hospitals, 82 were from Shirley Quilters.

The evening ended with Julia wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and then we had a small gift. This was a very busy and enjoyable meeting with a large attendance.