Exhibition of Quilts - by Jo

What an enjoyable afternoon I have just had. Amazing Quilts, friendly quilters and lovely tea and cake.

As I walked through the doors of the Church I was transfixed by the quilt which Shirley Quilters had made for the raffle. I found it so peaceful and beautiful and could imagine it on my bed, but sadly as I have not had a phone call I have not won, so here is my first challenge, to make my own!

I then entered the main exhibition to see an array of inspirational quilts, I knew I would be in for a treat as I had seen a few quilts at the open evenings I had attended, when members brought Show and Tell, but I was fascinated at the techniques and use of colour and materials, and the applique and quilting to transform the quilts was inspiring, however are you supposed to vote for just one?

In the small hall I found the World War 1 Challenge, so many clever ideas and use of techniques but I found myself drawn to the one that represented Christmas Day 1914, it was quite haunting.

By now I was gasping, so off for tea and cake and a chat with some very friendly quilters. Then off to the next hall where I discovered even more quilts of varying sizes and shapes, again all beautifully quilted and some delicious fabrics. I then realized I would have to walk the entire Exhibition because I was learning so much and wanted to be sure I missed nothing. Guess what? I had missed the display of beautiful bags and cushions that were in the main exhibition hall.

Here comes the hard part, which one to vote for? Thank goodness I have a very informative programme in which I have circled many numbers.  Vote done!!

I then went for some retail therapy, I found the ladies from Patchwork Cabin very friendly and helpful and feel I will have to visit their shop. Then off to the members’ display of items to buy, I was in awe, if only I could make these goodies, but maybe I can.

I feel truly inspired by my afternoon and hope that one day I will have a quilt with “made by Joanne Sadler” hanging in a Shirley Quilters Exhibition. (Jo is on the Shirley Quilters' waiting list.)