"Things we do in bed" - by Joyce

This is a quote from the Danson House website:

"We spend a third of our lives in bed, much of that time under covers such as quilts to keep us warm. Although some have metamorphosed over time from useful household objects to works of art, Things We Do in Bed celebrates quilts’ continuing links to what goes on behind the bedroom door. A lively mix of quilts and quilt works displayed through the five bedrooms in Danson House, with each room focusing on a different bed activity: Birth, Sleep, Sex, Illness, Death.

The show features traditional historical quilts dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, alongside contemporary quilted work from artists, including Grayson Perry, Sara Impey, Karina Thompson, Michele Walker and prisoners through Fine Cell Work."

Jane and I went to see this exhibition a couple of weeks ago and found it a very interesting selection by the curator, Tracy Chevalier. Grayson Perry's quilt using the tumbling blocks pattern with challenging images made in response to the debate in the USA a while ago about abortion was there in the "Birth" room .

In the "Sleep" room was a quilt on a prison bed made by Fine cell Work. Prisoners were given a square of fabric to stitch however they liked under the heading "Sleep" and some were very moving. They had then been joined together to make the quilt.

Michele Walker had made two quilts in memory of her mother, one when she was nursing her through Alzheimers and the other several years later . These were displayed in the "Death" room.

The exhibition makes you think about what quilts can convey and is on until the end of October.

If you have a Freedom Pass, and I know many of us do, you can get there by going to Bexleyheath station and then taking a bus.

The park and house are well worth a visit too.