April Meeting - by Pat M

Julia opened the meeting with the news that Liz Betts (Quilty Pleasures) was stuck in traffic on her journey from Brighton. It was decided, that because of this, we would have notices and early refreshments to give Liz time to set up when she did arrive.

NOTICES: There will be an exhibition here (Shirley Methodist Church) on the 3rd May 10am to 4pm by ex Shirley Quilters entrance £1.

Any committee or charity nominations need to be in this evening.

Next open meeting will be 15th July when our speaker will be Edwina McKinnon.

Liz arrived with her goodies and Mum, Sue, after a journey of two and a half hours! She had brought a lovely selection of materials and haberdashery items and, after a short introduction, we were let loose to make sure she didn’t take it all back with her!!