Deborah O'Hare Workshop - by Ann S

Sixteen ladies attended the Deborah O'Hare workshop on Striped Landscapes, most members of Shirley Quilters with a few guests.

Deborah showed us some stunning landscapes, pictures of foreign places,

others wild expanses of mountains and plains,all made using very small scraps of material, silks and even wools.  We had a choice of working from patterns supplied by; Deborah and making up our own pictures.

Unlike some of the workshops Shirley Quilters hold throughout the year this one was a very peaceful experience.  No frantic rush to finish quilts,cushions or any other items, just a gentle tearing of fabric and sewing it in place.

I found the whole experience very restful and even with my lack of artistic talent managed to produce two very creditable pictures.

A very enjoyable experience.