Stitch a Gift Evening - by Hannah

Julia read out the notices, and told us of forthcoming events at SQ, a Workshop on Saturday with Deborah O’Hare and a coach trip to Lady Sew and Sew on April 2nd.  Our open meeting is on April 8th everyone welcome.

Afterwards the fun started. We had a good turnout for another enjoyable craft evening. It was a fun evening we had to bring a variety of glitzy fabric, ribbon, lace and whatever other trimming you fancy.

We had a pre-prepared sheet of bonda web fabric which we then decorated to our own design.

By tea time we had mostly completed our works of art and there certainly was a variety of designs.

I look forward to seeing what you will make with your finished art work. There was also lots of time to have a chat and cup of tea

We had Show and Tell after tea, and saw some very lovely quilts.