Oh What a Night - by Claire

Late November in 2013.... ok I'll stop before I get carried away with writing new lyrics and trying to get a part in Jersey Boys. 

Well, where to start on what I can only say was an amazing night. Probably the best place would be the refreshments, I headed here first after freezing all day and having had no dinner to get warmed up, with a lovely cup of tea and a piece of cake I was now in heaven. However, there was a massive 
dilemma, what cake to have? The amount to choose from was staggering, certainly we had some very busy ladies.

Well after being fed and watered on to the main event - the exhibition.

The Jar Challenge - back in January you may recall we were all given small jars containing "bits and bobs" with which we had to create something incoporating the items from the jar. The array of items on show ranging from wall hangings to cushions and bags was astonishing. My mind is baffled as to the imagination used to create wonderful items from nothing.

Four-Way Challenge - we had to make a wall hanging by taking a traditional block and interpreting it four ways by twisting, relecting, changing the shape 
or either using the same block and changing the colours. The range of wall-hangings on show was dazzling. I left some of them looking dazed and very confused as to how they were made. Dare I say that I took photos so I could possibly try (maybe not succeed) to recreate some.

Linus Quilts - small array of quilts on show which we will donate to Project Linus, so far we have donated 163. Keep up the good work.

Rainbow Quilts - we had a colour each month which made up the orange, red, yellow, blue and green quilts, any leftover squares were made into a multi-coloured quilt, all of which are being donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Centre in Coulsdon.

So, by the end of the night, I had somethow spent too much money from not only the lovely Lisa at Love Fabric (aptly named) but also from the raffle and 
our wonderful sales table.

Well done to all Shirley Quilters, what a mini exhibtion, here's to the big one next year.

Finally a massive thanks to all the committee for organising the night and for all their hard work that they put in all year round.