Saturday workshop with Linda - by Judy

The quilting class with Linda Mercer was great fun. The aim of the day was to make an appliqué cushion cover and, through the process, learn new appliqué techniques involving free machining.  

As always, Linda had prepared extremely well for the class, demonstrating 

the techniques and answering questions so that we really understood what we were meant to be doing.  I say “meant to be doing” as it was much harder to do than to watch!  However, at the end of the class everyone had made real progress towards completing her cover, and the handouts will remind us “what to do next”.

It was fascinating to see the different colour-ways that people chose so that although we all followed the same pattern the cushions were very varied.
Hopefully some of them will feature in “show and tell” in the future.

Thank you Linda for a great day.