June Meeting - by Bernadette

After a quick run though of notices, it was on to the fun part of the evening!  

This evening's theme was flowers or should I say flower power!  

Firstly we were split into two groups - Julia and Eileen demonstrating. 

Julia's group were talked through a display of gorgeous work from a felt garland, a delightful postcard using tiny Suffolk puffs, an embroidered lavender cushion, to a string of bunting with embroidered daisies and a rather complicated folded flower that Julia had only been shown how to make herself earlier that day!  Impressive or what?  She then showed us how to make a beautiful flower rosette using a length of satin ribbon.  After this demo we took to our seats and it was heads down and needles out to see if we could replicate Julia's stunning rosette. We diligently stitched our satin ribbbon in a zig-zag fashion in the hope that we would have a beautiful rosette of our own to take home with us. 

After tea and biscuits (if you could tear yourself away from your sewing) it was time for the groups to swap.

Eileen showed us how to create two Japanese folded patchwork flower designs - one in particular was stunning - the other a bit too complicated for me!  She also showed us how to make several fabric flowers.  My favourite simply using fabric circles folded several times to form a petal - several of these are made, stitched together and a button added for effect.  This is not a very good explanation of how to make your own, but I'm sure you will all receive instructions from Eileen in due course.

All the flowers shown tonight would  make lovely brooches, or would look wonderful added to a bag, quilt of even a cushion.  It was a very enjoyable evening and I suspect that we may see an abundance of flower power in our future creations after tonight's very successful demonstrations.  Thank you Eileen and Julia for making it such a fun evening and for passing on such great ideas.