Gail Lawther - by Brenda

Having seen Gail Lawther's Glimpses of New Zealand at a Region 1 day, I was very much looking forward to her Glimpses of Britain. I was certainly not disappointed. 

Gail began with the emblems of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  I loved her weather map with the interchangeable symbols.  Then followed
Stonehenge, an English country garden, nautical emblems and a mini Bayeaux  tapestry on winning The Ashes!  Among the many other topics were 
Elizabeth I and II , the Beatles, London pride, St. Patrick, tea, cathedrals, the seaside and the Jurassic coast. 

To finish off, the last item had numerous 2inch quilts on a background of words covering amultitude of topics.  I think we were all in awe of Gail's 
imagination and skill.  During the tea break there was time to purchase Gail's kits and her books on both New Zealand and Britain. 

The evening rounded off with a raffle and notices.  It was lovely to see so many visitors and hopefully they all enjoyed the evening as much as I did.