Jennie Rayment - All Squared Up Workshop  -  by Ann

Twenty ladies met for this workshop, complete with their material and sewing equipment.  Jennie introduced herself and gave out name tags.  She 
explained that after an initial demonstration we would be working at our own pace and could return to her table at any time if we needed help. 

Each new block was demonstrated and then back to our machines; more help was available if required.  I found the workshop extremely relaxing with no pressure, and not only were we taught the intricacies of folding and tucking but also how to thread a needle, sewing machine or hand sewing, quickly.  

There was an explanation of thread used in quilting and how the spool could make a difference to the pull of the cotton if incorrectly placed on the machine.  Jennie also explained how to set a sewing machine to produce a quarter inch seam without buying a special quarter inch foot attachment which was great for people like me whose purchased foot does not give an accurate measure.

All this and humour too.  Jennie is an accomplished teacher with a very interesting product to teach and display.  At the end of the session I felt totally relaxed and for once had all my squares sewn together, ready for binding and top sewing.

Many thanks to all those who organised the workshop and to Jennie for such a fun day.