Guildford Quilters Exhibition at Clandon Park - by Lisa

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on the Guildford Quilters' Exhibition that opened today at Clandon Park National Trust Property.


In short……. Utterly disappointed!!!

Whilst a National Trust house is a lovely back drop for a quilt exhibition, I was disappointed in more than one aspect.  The property has a photography ban in all rooms of the house except TWO.  One of those is the main marble hallway where there are no quilts hung at all.  The second room was upstairs and housed about eight quilts in total.  The remaining quilts in the exhibition were hung in some, but not all, of the other rooms and stairways.  Some of the quilts hung up the stairways had their labels positioned so high that you could not  even read the name or descriptions and I’m quite tall!

The room that they had their sales tables and raffles in was adjacent to the marble hallway main entrance.  This room was very dark, it was poorly lit with it’s blinds pulled down in order to preserve the contents of the room, this made it very difficult to see what you were looking at or buying.

I was expecting much better in the way of the standard & quality of quilts from Guildford Quilters, especially as they have secured display at such a lovely venue.  Personally our own exhibitions and quilting is of a far better standard.


My plus points for the visit are that the twins had a lovely time doing a trail hunt in the house and playing in the garden and grounds in the glorious sunshine.  Another bonus is the cream tea, but then I do like a National Trust cream tea.