Sandown with Me and my trusty Shadow - by Julia

Saturday morning saw me and my shadow, Mike, striding forth to the train station for a trip to Sandown.  My new ‘Kipling’ back pack was making its first appearance to a show to store all my goodies in.  The shadow had sandwiches and bottles of water in his back pack. 

Luckily it wasn’t particularly busy at the show and we managed to view the quilts easily. There was a particularly stunning quilt with the face of ‘David’ that drew every ones attention and had won four prizes.  It had been made from tiny squares and looked like the face had been designed by photomosaic.   I can still picture it in my mind now.

The stalls were brimming with goodies and mostly in the same place as normal, but I was looking for inspiration and on a mission unfortunately to seek what I could not find.  I did notice a new stall where a lady had devised a flat lining to go inside hexagons, saving you having to pull out the paper from the insides and also firming up your work so that it stayed in shape. Temptation got the better of me so I bought a piece and a kit for a bag.  I will bring along to show and tell at July’s meeting with details of how to order in case anyone is interested.

We sat outside on the steps for lunch and enjoyed the view before heading back to make a few more purchases. As we made our way to leave Mike decided to have a drink of his water and it exploded all over his shorts (you can’t take them anywhere!). So after I had grovelled all over the floor to dry up, we set off home with most of my money still waiting to be spent and a slightly wet Mike……..