Saturday Sewing Day - by Gaye

It was an interesting and enjoyable day!

Everyone was doing different things, from hexagons, mini quilts and finishing off projects that they had started.

Most had a story to tell about their work. Eleanor's quilt was started last time we had a jelly roll workshop, about two or three years ago!!  So once she had removed the cobwebs she was off and running. Gill was using small pieces of fabric she had got in America. Jackie was finishing her bag with help from her friends, Julia was doing her beautiful nautical quilt.

Anne and Joan were doing very interesting things that I hope to see at one of our meetings of show and tell. Chatting to them I also got some good tips about slow cookers and crockpots, what lovely ladies.

Claire, Fran and Lisa sounded like they were having a good and merry day by the sound of their laughter, their work was lovely, a very clever group, even crochet was going on.

I must admit I had a great day challenge sewing.