Knitting and Stitching Show - by Julia

After three days of persistent rain fall, Thursday dawned with a blue sky, birds singing, my purse stashed full of saved cash and with my trustee ‘Kipling’ backpack and my faithful old boots on, I set off for East Croydon station to meet up with Chris and Pat. The thought of enjoying a day out (and not having to have Duplo Lego poked up my nose by my grandson) browsing and enjoying a yummy lunch in the pre booked restaurant made the train and tube journeys bearable.

As always there were plenty of stalls and displays. A very unusual display of bits of anatomy made from heavy stocking material brought a raised eyebrow or two! So did my purchase of a large polystene cone. This year I managed to find a few new companies and stopped and chatted with the stall holders. I have learnt to be stricter with my spending over the years and only spent a quarter of my stash. There were many workshops going on of which, Chris took part in a felting one in the afternoon. We bumped into a few other quilters during the day and also Gail Penberthy with whom we enjoyed a sit down and chat before our journey home.

I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through my goodies when I got home, as the ‘Shadow’ was at work. Friday again tomorrow, so it’s back to the Duplo Lego invasion and being Nana again.