At the January 2016 meeting, a Challenge was given to the group "Blue".  The maximum size was 20" x 20", it could be any item that a member wished to make and interpretation was down to the maker.  There were a very good range of wall hangings, bags, cushions and even a dog!

As a result of the Exhibition having been cancelled, these items were on display at the October meeting when Jennie Rayment was the guest speaker and very kindly agreed to judge the exhibits.  The winner - Julia - our Chair, (Jennie had no idea).

Descriptions are below photographs 

  Crazy Blues - by Joyce

After admiring Crazy Patchwork quilts at the American Museum near Bath, I decided to make a small one using my blue fabrics, embellishing with embroidery.  Foundation pieced.

  I'm Blue - by Fran K

 A blue mini quilt for the exhibition as one of the 2016 challenges

Oxford vs Cambridge - by Judy

  I was fascinated with one of the mini quilts from the suitcase and tried to copy the block from memory.  I think it really needs more blocks to show the pattern clearly.

Tranquillity - by Liz

  Hand and machine work.  Inspired by a magazine photograph.  Hand