This collection of quilts will be regularly added to 

Below are some of the quilts that Shirley Quilters has been working on.  Members regularly bring in quilts they have made at home to donate. Shirley Quilters has also been making up "pre-cut" quilt top packs that members can take home, make up and either completely finish, or bring back for other members to complete.

These quilts are then sent on to the children who need them.


  Just one piece of fabric with borders and corners - so easy but fun, lovely for a little boy

Made from different sized squares and rectangles - very effective

These hexagons (and more) were given to a member by an elderly lady who is sadly, no longer able to sew.  Jill has been busy sewing them into quilts for Linus.  This is the second one to be displayed on this page


A lovely panel quilt


Leftover blues


A similar - but not identical - design to the other quilt four above