Tissue Box House - Workshop with Gail Penberthy

In April 2017, Gail ran a Saturday workshop showing how to make the "tissue box houses" below.  There was a lot of work and patience involved and it was a case of having to "finish at home", which is just what happened.  Some members have gone on to make more!

 by Jackie B

Bird House made to Gail Penberthy's patter and embellished with gardening and insect buttons

 by Sue B

This was great fun to make.  Gail is a very good teacher

 by Gill

When smoke gets in your eyes, grasp a tissue!

 by Shirley

Different and I enjoyed this.  Gave me an opportunity to use a trim purchased in USA several years ago

 by Eileen

A Saturday workshop with Gail.  Lots of fun, lots of laughs and lots of work!!!